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If you are looking to generate income, consider the Merger-Arbitrage strategy from Constantia Capital. Our expected return is 6% annualized, after a flat fee of only 70 basis points, by investing in this conservatively managed, post-announcement (no speculation), liquid alternative strategy. This is the same time-tested strategy employed by hedge funds, now available at a fraction of their fees and with no lockups. Simply open your own SIPC-insured account at your favorite discount broker ($110,000 minimum), assign trading authority to Constantia Capital, and get the benefit of your broker's low rates and our portfolio management expertise. Click here to request a detailed presentation.

Now is the time to diversify a portion of your fixed-income portfolio away from intermediate- and long-term bond funds which are very susceptible to rising interest rates, and shorter term money market funds which earn negligible returns.

An Alternative to Cash in the Bank

Expected return: at least 4% over cash after a fair fee which rewards the investor first and foremost.


Since inception in Nov. 2011, Merger-Arbitrage has earned 5.7% annualized (net of fees) with a 1.37 Sharpe Ratio. (click here for more details)

Low Risk

Volatility has been 3.5% vs. 5%+ for iShares 7-10 yr. Treasury Fund. 

Bloomberg ID: CCMGARB   Morningstar ID: F00000WLK1

Low Fees

The Standard 0.7% per annum fee is available to all investors, and we're proud to offer qualified clients and qualified purchasers a choice of either the Standard or Performance-based fee.


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